Vector-borne Diseases 2016

Scientific Programme

ESCCAP Emerging Vector-Borne Diseases 2016: Epidemiology and Clinical Management



DAY 1: Wednesday 19th October (afternoon)

14:00–14:30 Reinhard K. Straubinger Lyme disease: state of the art
14:40–15:10 Gad Baneth Canine babesiosis: epidemiology and control of old and new species
15:50–16:20 Laura Kramer Wolbachia, doxycycline and macrocyclic lactones: new prospects in the treatment of canine heartworm disease
16:30–17:00 Patrick Bourdeau  Fleas and flea-borne diseases: questions and facts  
DAY 2: Thursday 20th October (morning)
09:00–09:30 Barbara Kohn Canine anaplasmosis and ehrlichiosis – similar infectious agents, different diseases
09:40–10:10 Michael Lappin Feline vector-borne diseases  
10:50–11:20 Maria Grazia Pennisi Feline leishmaniosis: is the cat a small dog?
11:30–12:00 Guadalupe Miró Canine and human leishmaniosis: status quo in Europe


Please note the information was correct at the time of print but is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.


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